Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler is written as a letter from a girl, Min Green, to her ex-boyfriend, Ed Slaterton, explaining why they broke up. It is a pretty book, with colour illustrations by Maria Kalman. It is a neat concept but it got a little repetitive and left me kind of bored. 

Ed is the co-captain of the basketball team and one of the “cool” kids and Min is a regular girl with a great interest in film. Like most teenage boys, especially the cool jock types, Ed is a bit of a jerk. Their relationship kind of felt like if Nathan and Haley in One Tree Hill were a real life couple, this is what would have happened. The jock would stay a jerk and the idealistic girl would have her heart broken, but still never learn her lesson.

Maybe I’m too much of a cynic for young love.

That being said, the Why we Broke Up Project is much more interesting. Real stories of break ups. Check it out.


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