Firefly Dance

Firefly Dance is a collection of four short stories about taking the journey from childhood to adulthood. I love Sarah Addison Allen’s books which why I picked this collection up. The styles of the authors were very different and the collection itself felt disjointed in the end I was greatly disappointed.

The first short story, by Phyllis Schieber’s, was my favourite, it did what a short story should do- give a snapshot. It took me on a meaningful journey in a few pages.

The second story by Kathryn Magendie was too long. She explained too much and showed too little. I wanted Magendie to let go and let me interpret the characters instead she explained everything to death and I was so bored I stopped caring what happened.

The third story by Augusta Trobaugh, had some good momentum but lost me in the end. Where Kathryn Magendie explained too much, Trobaugh lost me in the last two pages. She makes a giant leap that was too big for me to follow. I needed more.

The last story, from Sarah Addison Allen, was okay. Not my favourite story from her. It felt like something she much have written near the beginning of her career. The endearing characters are there, but under developed.


Paper Towns

This is a fantastic story, beautifully crafted and alarmingly real.

I cannot say enough good things about Paper Towns. It is a must on everyone’s “to read” list and my favourite novel by John Green (sorry TFIOS fans).

Quintin and Margo were friends as children. But high school happened and they went their separate ways. One night Margo knocks on Quintin’s window and takes him on an amazing night of debauchery, revenge and fun. Then Margo disappears without a trace. But she Leaves clues for Quintin to find her. The question is does she really want to be found?


American Nerd

American Nerd: The Story of My People is funny and delightful. It is a must read for nerds, dorks and dweebs everywhere. The book was disjointed at times but overall an enjoyable look at nerdom and all its wonders.

Benjamin Nugent reflects on stories of his youth and finding acceptance in his group of nerd friends. It is in these moments Nugent shines. He is charming, funny and thought provoking. Nerds of the world, this is our story told by one of our own.


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