Moonwalking with Einstein

moonjpg-e1ae853ce545bbcdJoshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein is Foer’s investigation into memory, how it works and how to use it to its full potential.

He begins his journey when he is assigned to cover a memory championship and is challenged to compete in the U.S. Memory Championship a year later.  Once he accepts the challenge Foer investigate all end of memory spectrum from Kim Peek, “the Most Forgetful Man in the World”, to Grand Masters of the memory world.

The book is incredibly engaging and fascinating. We hold all these things in our heads and know so little about how we keep them there. Foer is easy to relate to. The book seems fair and balance, the author interviewing memory experts, scientists, sceptics and savants.

In the end, I walked away entertained, educated and armed a few memory tricks.


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