On that trip I learned something very important. Escape through travel works.

Alex Garland, The Beach

Escape through travel works


Chasing the Rising Sun

I was listening to Q on CBC radio when I first learned about this book. Ted Anthony, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, became obsessed with the song “House of the Rising Sun” and decided to trace the song back to its origins and write a book about the journey.

The result reminds me of a travel memoir. There is a beginning, filled with drive and inspiration. A Middle where you meet the most interesting kinds of people and their stories move you and change you in some way. Finally there is the conclusion where you face a full circle moment and realize how connected we all are. Perhaps I am stretching the journey a little far and making more of it than it was. But I felt connected to Ted Anthony in the height of his fandom. I was moved by what he found. “Chasing the Rising Sun” is a perfect addition to any music lover’s library.